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So do you regularly travel through Delta Airlines? If you are regularly traveling through Delta Airlines or even if it is your first time you can get details about Delta Airlines flight information on their site. The company has come up with their own flight information site that offers updated information and status about the flights so that passengers and travelers can always find out more about the actual status of their flight even before they leave home. The site is updated at all time and therefore the information is always correct and genuine.

The site also allows the users to download the flight schedules which mean that most users can even plan their flight schedules in advance. The flight status tool is also available on the site that offers information on certain flights that passengers need to travel. This is certainly a good option for those who plan their travel in advance and make sure that things roll out according to their schedule.

Flight Information Available on the Site

Flight Schedule – Delta Airlines offers flight schedule of all the flights for the entire day and therefore it becomes easier for the passengers to decide which flights they can take even at the last moment. The site also offers the users to download the entire schedule so that they can use it even if they do not have smartphones that have internet connectivity. However, users will need to have Acrobat Reader to view the downloadable file.

The flight information that is downloaded can be used on Windows PC and Mac and can be used as desktop application as well. This means that the users can always stay updated on the new flight information whenever they need it.

Flight Status – Delta Airlines flight information also offers flight status information to offer the genuine and updated information.
Flight Notification Feature – The site also features notification option where the site offers notification to the users for a particular flight through email, voice mail and text messages.

Flight schedules :

Flight status :

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