Deltanet Employees Extranet Portal

Delta Airlines have many employees around the world and therefore they have come up with the new Deltanet Employees Portal that allows employees to interact with other employees and know more about the company and some internal job opportunities that are available. The extranet portal is an exclusive gateway to various Deltanet employees, retirees, business partners and friends that want to stay in connection on the network no matter wherever they are. The extranet portal also offers easier options that allow employees to stay in touch and communicate even when they are at work.
Here are some of the top features of the Deltanet Employee Extranet Portal.

Access Records – The extranet portal available on the site allows employees to get more information on the airline company. Some of the information that is available on the extranet portal is confidential and therefore it can be accessed only by employees. The information available on the site will allow employees to know more about how the company works and how they can improve their services in the future.

Helpful Guides – The extranet portal also offers lot of help to the employees and therefore there are many guides available that can allow employees to learn more about how they can improve their services and offer better information and service to the customers. There is an Employee and Guest Travel Guide that offers employees with more information on various destinations that Delta Airlines offers.

Guide for Non-Employees – The portal not only offers better guides to employees but also to non-employees. Travelers that want to know more about flight safety and precautions and other information related to flight travel can make use of the guides available on this portal.

Login – Only employees will have to use the login feature available on the portal while non-employees can access most of the information for free without any registration or login options.

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