DeltaNet Employee Portal Guide to Use

Airline companies today are really focused about how they can improve the overall experience not only for their passengers but also for their employees. Hence, most of the airline companies today have better online options that can allow their employees to get better features and options on the web, Delta Air Lines have remained one of the major airline companies in the world and operates on both domestic and international networks to ensure better flight experience to the passengers on all continents of the world except Antarctica. This huge network of international and domestic flights is handled by more than 80,000 employees that they have worldwide. Delta Air Lines has now come up with a global portal that allows their employees to handle their career with ease using site. – DeltaNet Employee Portal

DeltaNet Employee Portal has been designed to offer better employee experience to all people working in Delta Air Lines and therefore the portal is very simple and easy to use. Once the employees are on the home page they can see lot of options available on the left hand side of the screen. The first option that employees can see on the left hand side is DeltaNet Employee Portal and under that one can see two options available, which are:

- Employees
- Retirees

The interesting thing about this employee portal is that even retirees can make use of this site using the Retirees option that is available on the site. On the other hand, current employees can click on Employees and that will take them to Delta Extranet where they can make use of the username and password that they are provided and that will help them to proceed ahead on the site.

DeltaNet for Non-Employees

While Delta Air Lines has focused this site for employees there are many other people like consumers that can make use of this site for their convenience. If you are not an employee with the airline company you can click on DeltaNet for Non-Employees link on the very first home page and click on Travel Guide link that will allow you to make use of the site the way you want it. The next page that will open up will provide great information for all travelers that are using Delta Air Lines for traveling to their destination.

Business Partners is not only for employees and non-employees but also for business partners and therefore all business partners can make use of the information available on the portal. These are the business partners that can make use of DeltaNet Portal:

- ACS Contractors
- GSAs
- LTA Center
- OALs

Other Details is not just about providing information to employees, non-employees and travelers that make use of Delta Air Lines. The portal offers lot of information that can provide timely information like flight schedules, company related information, top news stories related to the company and link for official website of Delta Air Lines. Hence, this is one single site that can offer tons of information to whatever information employees and travelers are looking for related to the company. Many travelers that cannot find flight schedule information for Delta Air Lines can make use of the site to check out the updated information.

Privacy Policy definitely keeps lot of information of the employees, retirees, business partners and even travelers and therefore anybody that is using the portal can read more about the privacy policy at the bottom of the page before using the site. When one clicks on privacy policy a new pop up window appears that provides information on how site makes use of the personal information that is provided by the users on the portal.

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